1960 Born in Hiroshima. Studied with Reyama Oyama since 1992. Independent from 1996, produced spherical dolls, fixed pose dolls, bisque dolls and various dolls. From around 2000, he has combined antiques and puppets that have been used up to create works representing the four seasons and times. The material is made of stone cloth and old cloth. Activities around the yearly planning exhibitions.


Studied with Remi Oyama in 1992

1994 Creative Dolls Exhibition (Higashi-Hiroshima) Same as ’95 (Hiroshima)

Studied with Hashihime in 1999

2000 solo exhibition (Hiroshima)

2001-Exhibition of gallery exhibition (Fukuoka Gallery Bunkato, Gunma Muro Yanse, Sakai City Alight Window Garden)

2003 Hashihime Doll classroom exhibition exhibition (Shibuya Museum of Art)

2004 Dawn exhibition of beauty and imagination (Yokohama red brick warehouse) Spain Barcelona International Biennale (Gaudí Batlló residence)

2005 Contemporary creation doll artist 24 people exhibition (Marunouchi Maruzen)

2006 Exhibitors of doll makers exhibited (Masuna Maruuchi Maru)

2011 solo exhibition (Miyajima Gallery Kashiwa Miyago)

2012 Creative doll exhibition by 50 popular artists (Daimaru Shinsaibashi store)

2013 Creative doll exhibition by 50 popular artists (Daimaru Shinsaibashi store)

2016 solo exhibition (Hiroshima Kazu no Akatsuki) Miharuka Galleria Dos exhibit

2017 Miharuka Galleria Dos exhibit

2018 ghost and hina (daimaru kobe branch)

<Exhibition schedule>

Saturday, November 24, 2018 December 2nd, Sunday

“Creating a Western Doll Exhibition”

Gallery Bunkato (Seisen 7-chome 16-21, Yukuhashi City, Fukuoka Prefecture)

URL http://www.bunkatou.com/

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 December 4 (Wed)

Craft Art Doll Competition Organized by the Committee “Gares and Girls Gifts”

Daimaru Kobe Store 7F Event Space (40 Akashicho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City)

URL http://craft-art-doll.com/